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I am a final year engineering student designing and developing web applications since 2018 for fun and to feed my belly.
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We will look into using “Nodemailer” to send emails


  • NodeJS
  • Code Editor (I will be using VS code)
  • Postman installed or Postman web account with CORS extension for chrome enabled.

Step 1: Introduction

This part consists of basic theory related to “Nodemailer”, Express and libraries used. …

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This is for people who are new to NodeJs and trying to figure out how to build basic authentication with JSON web tokens and integrate it with their frontend.

You will either need postman installed on your PC or you can use Postman web with CORS extension enabled for chrome.

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A Bot that send GIF replies and is deployed on Heroku for free

Pre-requisites :

  • Some knowledge of Javascript
  • Node installed on your PC or laptop
  • Discord Account (plus you should have servers created by you)
  • VS Code or your favourite code Editor
  • GIT installed
  • Heroku Account

Step 1: Setting up in Discord Developer Portal

Go to discord developer portal (link here )

Navigate to Applications in Side Menu( you may have prompted…

Shelcia David

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